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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lost my code?

Don't panic, we have our emergency number for this.

Are pets welcome in the hotel?

No, although we are huge animal lovers, pets are not allowed to stay in the hotel for reasons of hygiene and allergies.

Is Beach Pavilion Zoomers part of the beach hotel?

In a way, yes. Beach pavilion Zoomers is owned by the same people and that's why we call it our sister. We have a close cooperation with arrangements etc.

Is there a reception?

No, there is no reception in our beach hotel. Hotel guests book and pay online in advance and receive a personal access code for the room by e-mail. During the day there is always someone available to help you. If desired, you will receive tailored advice and tips about the surroundings.

Until what time can I enter the hotel?

Since you have the access code yourself, you can enter and leave the hotel whenever you want. You don't have to check in with us. However, if your stay is over, you will have to leave the room before 11 a.m. on that day.

Can I cancel my booking?

No, in our terms and conditions, on the homepage and in the confirmation email that will be sent, it says that our reservations are non-refundable. Which means no refund is possible. Once the booking has been made, you agree to a final payment.

Where is the beach hotel?

The hotel is located on the coast in Castricum, on top of the dunes overlooking the North Sea.

Is the hotel open all year round?

Yes, our beach hotel is open all year round.

Can I eat at the hotel?

Within walking distance is Beach Pavilion Zoomers where we serve good food all day long. In addition, each room has its own designer kitchenette with refrigerator.

Can I smoke in the hotel?

No, smoking is not allowed due to hygiene and allergies.