Our sister: Beach Pavilion Zoomers

During the lockdown of the pavilion, the beach hotel has its own restaurant equipped for both breakfast and dinner. 

In our restaurant and kitchen we work with the best (organic) products from the neighborhood. The chef and his team have a passion for honest, local products and you can taste it! Sea buckthorn, slow food, fish, elderflower, seaweed and (healthy) comfort food are common on our menu.

Of course, when booking a room you can immediately book a delicious dinner or lunch. Think for example of a high tea or high wine. But you can also go to the pavilion for a picnic.

Our packages
Beach BBQ

The real beach feeling! At all our Beach BBQ's there is a cook present who will prepare the dishes for you in a professional way. This way you can enjoy your BBQ to the fullest. Because we have an indoor BBQ area, a winter BBQ is also possible at Zoomers. Beach BBQ's can be booked from 25 adults.

High Tea, High Wine, High Bear

An afternoon of chatting by the sea!
Enjoy a high tea with your family or friends. While enjoying a glass of wine or a beer you can enjoy watching the sea. It's all possible at Beach Pavilion Zoomers.


Festifood is a nice addition to your party!
Traditional, local and organic fast food dishes, to be enjoyed slowly before or during your party evening.

Shared Food Buffet

The best (organic) products from the neighborhood to share!
Richly stocked buffets with fresh local produce, prepared by our chefs with passion and love!

Party by the Sea

With us it's party time every day! A bang party, a modest and intimate dinner, a beautiful anniversary, an extensive reception or an atmospheric BBQ, our team is ready for you and we let you shine! In our cozy party room the possibilities are endless. Fill in the form and we will contact you!